Arts for All

Arts for All is a free ticketing program for select events at the Eccles Theater. To qualify for free tickets, you must live in Salt Lake County, have a form of photo ID, and you must a have valid SNAP card or a free/reduced lunch letter for the current school year.

If you are eligible, you can enter a random drawing to receive free tickets for a show. A company called Lucky Seat conducts the drawing and will notify you if you are chosen for tickets.

There are currently no registrations open. The next registration opening date is June 29 for Phantom of the Opera. 

Please note that early registration does not increase odds of selection in the drawing process – all registrations have an equal chance at receiving tickets.  Each person is eligible for a maximum of four free tickets per year.

Performance drawings through July 2018

Show Name Registration Dates Show Dates
Phantom of the Opera 1 June 29 – July 6 July 11 – 17
Phantom of the Opera 2 July 6 – 13 July 18 – 22