Cultural Facilities Support Program Accepting Applications


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The Salt Lake County Cultural Facilities Support Program will accept applications from February 22 – April 28, 2017 for consideration in the 2018 County budget cycle.  A link to the 2017 application is available here:
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Applicants should attend a mandatory workshop to assist in understanding and completing the application.  The workshop will be held on Monday, February 27, 2017, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. on the second floor of the North Building, room N2-800, at the Salt Lake County Government Center at 2001 S. State Street.

The Cultural Facilities Support Program encourages any qualified Salt Lake County-based arts group, cultural organization or business to apply and be considered for possible County matching support, based on available funding, for the construction, renovation, or study of an arts or cultural facility.

For more information, please Cami Munk at 385-468-1015.

Cultural Facilities Support Program

The Salt Lake County Cultural Facilities Support Program is designed to help eligible organizations develop cultural facilities to meet the current and future needs of Salt Lake County’s arts and cultural organizations, residents, and visitors.

Through this Support Program, eligible organizations can apply for funding for consulting or capital expenses related to a cultural facility project.  Applicants must meet eligibility requirements, and both the project and the applicant must be based in Salt Lake County.


Cultural Facility Support Program Vision & Principles

The Support Program is based on a Vision and set of Principles developed during the 2008 Cultural Facility Master Plan study, and are designed to ensure that County supported projects benefit the greatest community good.  In your narrative, you will need to tie your project to these core statements.



Participation in the arts is deeply embedded in the lives of Salt Lake County residents. They envision a community with facilities that enable a full range of arts and cultural activity for creation, presentation and education. Fulfilling the community’s vision will require a broad array of cultural facilities which are distributed throughout the County, of varying types and sizes, for community based and professional purposes, and which serve neighborhoods, cities, and the entire region.



  • To value professional arts organization, community arts organizations, and community participation.
  • To enable and enhance the development of local arts communities.
  • To reflect and address the current and future needs of communities throughout the County.
  • To value the needs of individual artists and non-profit arts organizations across all artistic disciplines.
  • To only support projects which demonstrate readiness, feasibility, and sustainability.
  • To support projects which address the need to maintain and upgrade existing facilities as well as to construct new facilities.
  • To support projects which enhance the ability of arts and cultural organizations to improve, expand and/or sustain programming.
  • To ensure the vibrancy of arts and culture throughout the County.
  • To implement an inclusive and fair process for planning, locating, funding and developing County-supported cultural facilities.
  • To utilize cultural facilities as a tool for sustainable cultural and economic development of the County.
  • To encourage projects that foster collaboration, regional partnerships and shared funding.

Project Eligibility

To be considered for county funding, both your project and your organization must be must be physically located within Salt Lake County.  The proposed project must be an arts and/or cultural facility that serve the performing arts, visual arts, literature, media, cultural history, or any combination.  The public must be able to access your project in some way, either as visitors, spectators, or participants.


As the project owner or originator, your organization must be one of the following:

  • A 501(c)(3) organization
  • A local government
  • An educational institution serving the general public (not only students)
  • A business registered with the State of Utah Department of Commerce and licensed within Salt Lake County



The County offers two types of support: capital funding and project consulting funding.  You will need to outline the entire project budget and demonstrate that you have funds-in-hand, or the ability to raise a required match – 10% for capital projects and 50% for consulting projects.


The County may fund up to 50% of the entire cost of any project that receives a recommendation for funding.  A Salt Lake County owned and/or operated project may be considered for up to 100% of the cost of any project that receives a recommendation for funding.


This process does not guarantee funding of projects.  Funding recommendations are considered in the County’s annual budgeting process and is dependent on available funds and if specific projects are eligible for those available funds.


If your organization applies for funding for a project that will be completed before the end of the current application cycle, the project is no longer eligible for funding as this program does not reimburse.


Consulting Funds

Consulting funding can be used for the following types of services:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Architecture, Design, Engineering
  • Construction Project Management
  • Venue Operations & Management


In order to be considered for consulting funds, you must demonstrate a 50% match at the time of application, and the County may only fund up to 50% of a project.


Capital Funds

Capital funds may be used for new construction, or renovations and remodeling expenses in an existing facility.  In order to be considered for capital funds, you must demonstrate a 10% match at the time of application, and the County may only fund up to 50% of a project.

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