Women in Theater – Technical Tours at Eccles Theater


Eccles Theater Technical Theater Education Outreach (ETTTEO) is one of the many outreach programs at the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts. This program allows high school and university theater programs to take technical tours of the Eccles Theater and Capitol Theatre. Throughout these tours, students are able to see world-class venues and technology, and also given the chance to talk to industry professionals and ask questions. The goal of ETTTEO is to give students valuable experiences that will help them develop career path and find passions.


On September 25, 2018, Eccles Theater hosted a group of 14 ladies from West High School in a special ETTTEO tour targeted toward women in the theater industry, specifically technical theater. This was especially fitting given that it was the same day as the opening of “Waitress” at Eccles Theater. “Waitress” has women filling many of technical and administrative roles on tour, and has a plot that fits the theme.



The students were able see the technical intricacies of Eccles Theater and Capitol Theatre. Women from the Center for the Arts , Broadway Across America and the “Waitress” show staff were on hand to talk to the students and answer questions about career paths, being a woman in the theater industry and more.